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Zombie Gunship Survival (Free) by flaregames and Limbic is an aerial shooter game where you take to the skies to rain destruction upon an endless horde of zombies. If you enjoyed the original Zombie Gunship from a few years back, or just love to shoot zombies with a grand arsenal of weapons, then Zombie Gunship Survival is a game you should check out. I’ve only started Zombie Gunship Survival, but so far it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time. I love how realistic the graphics are because it is truly immersive and unique, unlike some other zombie shooter games that I’ve seen. The controls are easy enough to understand, and you can easily change the y-axis and x-axis to have inverted movement. I’m usually not a fan of freemium base building games, but the distinctive combat system of Zombie Gunship Survival is interesting enough to keep me coming back for more. I don’t like the timers for opening crates though, but I suppose I can live with it. I recommend giving Zombie Gunship Survival a try if you are looking for a great zombie shooter that is unlike the norm.


You can find Zombie Gunship Survival on the App Store as a universal download for your iPhone and iPad for free. You control one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse. You’re spending a significant amount of time in the sky, aiming your AC-130 ground attack aircraft at the zombie hordes coming at the precious survivors beneath you. Attacking is a matter of using one finger to drag your focus around while the other side of the screen dictates what weapon you use. It’s simple stuff, which means it doesn’t feel overly tactile. Instead you’ll always feel a little removed from the ePremium Crateerience. It’s mostly fine, but never more than that. While on one of your excursions, you’ll be following the path of your survivor. Working kind of like other base building games, you place your survivor in a key place before leaving them to do their thing. It seems that zombies are never a dying trend, and they only got a rise in popularity a few years ago when “The Walking Dead” came to television. While I’ve enjoyed a lot of zombie-themed games and shows, personally, I’ve gotten a little tired of the same thing over and over again. If you’re going to use zombies, at least make it something that is unique and different, right? Fortunately, that’s what Zombie Gunship Survival is to me, because it’s not your typical zombie shoot-em-up in a first person perspective. I also got a chance to try the game out earlier this year at GDC, and I was thoroughly impressed with what the game offered. Now that it’s finally available, I had to get my hands on it, of course. They’re bordering on stick-man like, as they slowly wander from building to building, collecting resources. You have to keep an eye out for zombies hanging around nearby. They can come out of zombie nests, giving you some insight into where they’re going to come from. It’s all reasonably obvious stuff, but things get tricky when you consider the amount of zombies involved. They’re pretty tough, and require a lot of hits to kill. Considering your weapons can overheat and jam for a time, this isn’t convenient. Watching as your survivor gets battered simply because your gun needs to cool down is never a happy occasion. Not entirely unlike Zombie Gunship, we find ourselves with Zombie Gunship Survival – a game that’s one part zombie shooter, one part base building. In both cases it isn’t entirely successful, and you’ll find yourself a little overwhelmed by the zombie hordes. Still, that makes sense given what you’re dealing with, right? --- We are happy to announce to you that we just released newest version of hack to Zombie Gunship Survival. You can generate almost infinite amount of Gold and Metal thanks to it. Cheat is created with the newest online script.


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